Crane pictogram

In a next version we want to change the kranXpert print out and give more detailed crane information to symbolize that information we draw some crane pictograms.

Mainboom MainboomLength MainboomAngle BoomRadius BoomHeight Jib JibLength JibAngle

Counterweight CentralCounterweight SuspendCounterweight WorkingArea Outrigger OutriggerLoad AxleLoad Winch

LoadCapacity Load Hook

This pictograms you can download and use it without any restrictions for you’re use or publications.

The symbols are in the emf vector format and in the jpg and png picture format.

Next update feature #4

In the next version you can change the view style of kranXpert select from Silver or SkyBlue skin.


For netbook users with a small screen height we add hide the main menu toolbar and the status bar. We also changed the info panel and move it from the top menu to the right sidebar to get more height for displaying the views.

image image

The new info panel show in the row with the calculator symbol the calculated load information and in the second row with the leaflet/book symbol the load information from the manufacturer load charts.

Next update feature #2

We insert in the crane overview the button ‘Install/Upgrade’ where you can check for updates or import new cranes (need internet access).


When you click on the button ‘Install/Upgrade’ then the current crane list is downloading from the kranXpert homepage and compared with the already imported cranes in the database.


There exists three states:

  • not installed cranes are gray
  • installed cranes are black with  OK image symbol
  • crane that an update exists are red and with a refreshimagesymbol

To install or upgrade a crane double click on the crane or use the buttons ‘Update crane’/’Install crane’.

imageIf a crane you need is not in the list you can click on the ‘Send crane request’ button and input you’re request like on the kranXpert homepage (in the customer area).


We speed up also the crane import function, now it takes some seconds to import a crane file.

Next update feature #1

In the next kranXpert version we change the selection of drawing items.
In the current version all items are only selected when you click on visible lines.image   

In the next version you can select drawing items like filled elements.


When you have overlapping drawing elements the priority is always on click lines.

image           image

Input Liebherr LR 1600/2 crane

Today i want to write about the work to insert the Liebherr crane LR 1600/2 to kranXpert.

imageThe crane leaflet has 102 pages of information’s and since the last update, kranXpert supports colored counterweight and suspend counterweight load tables that mean, that we have to insert the load capacity and the counterweight for every value.



We need about two weeks to insert the crane. The count of kranXpert moving tables are 418 that’s mean that are 418 different configuration tables where kranXpert select the right table when you choose from the crane setup.

The crane have 53987 single load values, to input this, we have to press 210939 times the numeric keypad and to insert the extra counterweight we have to pressed 79743 times the keyboard. That are together 290682 keyboard hits.
Then we have to insert the hook block information’s the crane dimensions the load chart table itself the radius/boom length information’s for every load value, that’s was really a big act to input this crane.

To import the crane to the kranXpert database takes about 2-10 minutes.


And here are the result: LR 1600/2 inside kranXpert


The green panel show the variable counterweight.

kranXpert3D background styles

We made a video for the different background styles of the new in development kranXpert3D version.

Background styles:

  • Color, you can select a color.
  • Color gradient, you can set the begin and to gradient color.
  • Picture, selecting a picture that good for showing watermark logos
  • Panorama, you can select a picture that texture on a cylinder. With some picture cameras you can shot 360° pictures and with stitching software can you create a outright view that you can use with this panorama style.
  • Skybox, the scene is in a cube and every surface of the cube has a texture imagethat really good for outright view.

kranXpert goes 3D

currently we work on a new 3d crane lift planner version of kranXpert with different background styles like: single color, two color gradient, picture, panorama picture, sky box.


imageThe views front, left, top and the rotation view is like in the kranXpert version but we add a new 3d view where you can move the camera.

We want support different 3d file formats insert as clipart and build our own graphical file format with object bindings.

The help system is based on html files and are action based viewed in kranXpert3D, not like the static chm help system in the current version.

The language files are outside the executable that anybody can add/change the languages without compiling.



Please don’t ask for a release day, we can only say ‘It’s done, when it’s done’.