kranXpert Free-Edition 2012

Is was time to create a 2012 version of the free edition and now it is available for download.

What are the difference between the 2011 version:

– remove the kranXpert watermark from the views and printer output.
– add planner save/save as and planner load buttons.

These are small changes, but I think that makes the tool more useful.


Do you know .?

– when a 2.5D view is active and you press the spacebar key and hold it that the function ‘Move view’ is selected and by click the left mouse button and move the mouse you change the view?

– in the 3D view when you press the center mouse button or the mouse wheel that you can change the position of the camera view?

– when you draw a item and you want exit the drawing function that you can press the right mouse button?

– when the drawing selection arrow is selected and you double click on a drawing item that this open’s a property window?

kranXpert Version

A new kranXpert version is available.

Here are the main changes:

In the ‘Object overview’ (main menu ‘Options’) you can create cranes or lorry’s and edit objects or create export files of your new objects. We remove the fleet overview and replace it with the favorite list that you can manage in the Object overview.

For your hint:
– Objects with book symbol are not editable.



imageTo know, how you can build lorry’s, you can import some samples over the ‘Install/Upgrade’ button, the lorry’s are at the bottom of the list.

imageThe tool Extras are now HTML based, that’s mean you can change the content of these files with your own information’s.

The HTML files are installed in the kranXpert.exe executable folder as a subfolder extras then the language folder de=Germany, en=English, es=Español. You can add new menus to the menu.htm and that shows in all pages as an iframe tag.

kranXpert Version

kranXpert Free-EditionThe version is released some weeks ago and we received positive feedback for the new 3D view and the better integration to install/upgrade cranes.

The kranXpert demo version is now based on the version and we build a new free edition 2011 and replace the rotation view with the 3D view.


What is the next development.
The next steps are rewriting the drawing system that have filled drawing objects in the front, left and top view. Then adding more 3D drawing elements that are rotatable in all directions and not only in the top view like in the current version.
Then we want add 3D clipart support, first for the wavefront .obj file format later for other formats and our own format with length and color properties.

Also we want change the view of the boom and the crane that’s more realistic and not only for the boom a rounded line that was ok for the 2.5 D view but looks boring in the 3D view.

faq1In a blog article below someone ask in a comment (español) about how kranXpert currently calculate and draw the boom here is a picture that explains that exists also in the kranXpert help file.

Crane pictogram

In a next version we want to change the kranXpert print out and give more detailed crane information to symbolize that information we draw some crane pictograms.

Mainboom MainboomLength MainboomAngle BoomRadius BoomHeight Jib JibLength JibAngle

Counterweight CentralCounterweight SuspendCounterweight WorkingArea Outrigger OutriggerLoad AxleLoad Winch

LoadCapacity Load Hook

This pictograms you can download and use it without any restrictions for you’re use or publications.

The symbols are in the emf vector format and in the jpg and png picture format.

Next update feature #4

In the next version you can change the view style of kranXpert select from Silver or SkyBlue skin.


For netbook users with a small screen height we add hide the main menu toolbar and the status bar. We also changed the info panel and move it from the top menu to the right sidebar to get more height for displaying the views.

image image

The new info panel show in the row with the calculator symbol the calculated load information and in the second row with the leaflet/book symbol the load information from the manufacturer load charts.

Next update feature #2

We insert in the crane overview the button ‘Install/Upgrade’ where you can check for updates or import new cranes (need internet access).


When you click on the button ‘Install/Upgrade’ then the current crane list is downloading from the kranXpert homepage and compared with the already imported cranes in the database.


There exists three states:

  • not installed cranes are gray
  • installed cranes are black with  OK image symbol
  • crane that an update exists are red and with a refreshimagesymbol

To install or upgrade a crane double click on the crane or use the buttons ‘Update crane’/’Install crane’.

imageIf a crane you need is not in the list you can click on the ‘Send crane request’ button and input you’re request like on the kranXpert homepage (in the customer area).


We speed up also the crane import function, now it takes some seconds to import a crane file.