Next update feature #2

We insert in the crane overview the button ‘Install/Upgrade’ where you can check for updates or import new cranes (need internet access).


When you click on the button ‘Install/Upgrade’ then the current crane list is downloading from the kranXpert homepage and compared with the already imported cranes in the database.


There exists three states:

  • not installed cranes are gray
  • installed cranes are black with  OK image symbol
  • crane that an update exists are red and with a refreshimagesymbol

To install or upgrade a crane double click on the crane or use the buttons ‘Update crane’/’Install crane’.

imageIf a crane you need is not in the list you can click on the ‘Send crane request’ button and input you’re request like on the kranXpert homepage (in the customer area).


We speed up also the crane import function, now it takes some seconds to import a crane file.

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