kranXpert is out

What is new in version

  • French translation added
  • E.P.O.S. interface: Added automatic PDF creation after the planner is saved.
  • In Extras added chain grade 10 and 12.
  • In the welcome window added to the ‘Last saved’ project list a popup item ‘Automatic column size’. When it is activated the columns act like before. When you deactivate the entry it use and store your own column sizes.
  • In the load chart edit window make the copy&paste function public to import excel sheets from the clipboard.
  • In the options settings added the ‘Default favorite crane color’ settings. This colors are used when you create a new favorite crane.
  • In the planner you can move the crane object in the added crane list to change the fixed position number.
  • In the crane edit window added to the superlift dimensioning settings the distance from the mainboom to the superlift position.
  • In the load chart edit added a addional mainboom length for the short jib like in the other jib types.
  • In the welcome window at the tab ‘Project folder’, the planning files are now cached to search faster the files.
  • Planner in the add picture edit window there are now two new zoomed helper views for the dimensioning arrows.
  • Changed the network license service that is possible to know which computers are using the network license and how many users can use kranXpert at the same time. In kranXpert you find that information in the info window (if you have installed the new license server). When you start kranXpert, and the user limit is reached then the error message shows the computer that have kranXpert running.The get all these network information you have to update the network license service! You can find the new setup in the download section ‘kranXpert setup for network license manager 3.0’.
  • Added common outrigger load und pressure crane calculation.
    In the options setting you can set the ‘Crane pressure calculation factor’ default is ‘0.65’.

    For the outrigger load calculation you need to add the crane as a favorite and insert the crane mass.

    In the planner you need to add the favorite crane to get the outrigger load calculation.

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