kranXpert is out

This version is a public update for regular and pre release installs.

What is new since the regular version:

  • Common

    • Add Japanese language translation.
    • Add Russia language translation.
    • Added in the menu Options/Settings… a default used font size.
    • In the ‘Object overview’ and in the object selection added a search editbox to filter the display list.
    • In the Install/Upgrade function now you can filter the object list with not installed, installed or update availabel.
    • In the project assistant added at the borderline a checkbox to draw the dimensioning to the planner.
    • When you install a crane the import window shows now more information that it don’t looks like that the application is frozen.


  • Planner

    • Added in the print preview a text area that is printed on the drawing as a addional text.
    • In the print preview added a ‘Copy to clipboard’ function to the toolbar. With this function you can copy the current view in the clipboard and insert it in other application, maybe in a office application where you can create a lifting documentation.
    • In the 3D view you can now select also the Front, Left side, Top and the 4 views.
    • Added to the project information mobile and email input.
    • Support rounded outrigger pads.
    • Fill color support for 3D elements, only visible in the 3D view .


  • Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where the application crashes when drawing a polyline.
  • In the print portrait view fix the position for the telescope chart number.
  • Fixes a bug where the printed charts not display all rows.
  • Fix a bug when moving the view with a terrain.
  • Fix a path bug where the wrong path was used for the kranXpert logo and crane images.
  • Fixed a printing bug where you only can print two pages. (

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