Adding images to the planner

Since kranXpert version is out you can add images to the front, left side and top view. 


New properties
image  Sizing the picture proportional. Default is checked
image Lock the drawing element in the planner that the element is not movable / sizable.

When you double click on a insert image or use the tool button image in the draw item properties you can edit the image.


With the red rectangles around the picture you can add cut margins. When you want dimensioning the picture like the ground plan picture click on the tool button ‘Dimensioning image’ then the movable dimension is showing, set the dimensioning to the knowing position and input the ‘Dimensioning distance length’ in the edit box.

jpg files don’t support transparent backgrounds, we prefer png files for ‘Add images from file’.
If you need a easy to use picture edit application check out Paint.Net from

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