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kranXpert Free-EditionThe version is released some weeks ago and we received positive feedback for the new 3D view and the better integration to install/upgrade cranes.

The kranXpert demo version is now based on the version and we build a new free edition 2011 and replace the rotation view with the 3D view.


What is the next development.
The next steps are rewriting the drawing system that have filled drawing objects in the front, left and top view. Then adding more 3D drawing elements that are rotatable in all directions and not only in the top view like in the current version.
Then we want add 3D clipart support, first for the wavefront .obj file format later for other formats and our own format with length and color properties.

Also we want change the view of the boom and the crane that’s more realistic and not only for the boom a rounded line that was ok for the 2.5 D view but looks boring in the 3D view.

faq1In a blog article below someone ask in a comment (español) about how kranXpert currently calculate and draw the boom here is a picture that explains that exists also in the kranXpert help file.

7 thoughts on “kranXpert Version”

  1. Hi Markus,

    It is realy great to see how much improvement in graphics, function and design you have given to Kranxpert since starting with your first trial version.

    Best regards


  2. Hello Markus
    I would like to know how to register for a full version Kranxpert is so easy to work with great job Mate
    also would you ever consider Tower cranes luffing and horizontal jib type ?

  3. Hi Mike,

    to order a full version i send you a email.
    Horizontal jib type is allready available but only für mobile crane like Liebherr MK or Spiering cranes.
    I want add first external 3D object support that you can place truck and other thinks to the planner.


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