Crane pictogram

In a next version we want to change the kranXpert print out and give more detailed crane information to symbolize that information we draw some crane pictograms.

Mainboom MainboomLength MainboomAngle BoomRadius BoomHeight Jib JibLength JibAngle

Counterweight CentralCounterweight SuspendCounterweight WorkingArea Outrigger OutriggerLoad AxleLoad Winch

LoadCapacity Load Hook

This pictograms you can download and use it without any restrictions for you’re use or publications.

The symbols are in the emf vector format and in the jpg and png picture format.

2 thoughts on “Crane pictogram”

  1. Hi Bernat,
    i send you in some minutes the pre release then you can test all the new things.
    The official release took a while…. i want to first finish the clipart support and change the complete help system to a interactive help.
    regards Markus

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