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kranXpert is out

What is new in version

The E.P.O.S.  interface has improved.
Add new fields to the project input: Order number, Offer number and Service.

The field service is showed in the welcome page


In the project assistant the project input has changed.


In the Planner the project input has changed and the printer output


kranXpert is out

This version is a public update for regular and pre release installs.

What is new since the regular version:

  • Common

    • Add Japanese language translation.
    • Add Russia language translation.
    • Added in the menu Options/Settings… a default used font size.
    • In the ‘Object overview’ and in the object selection added a search editbox to filter the display list.
    • In the Install/Upgrade function now you can filter the object list with not installed, installed or update availabel.
    • In the project assistant added at the borderline a checkbox to draw the dimensioning to the planner.
    • When you install a crane the import window shows now more information that it don’t looks like that the application is frozen.


  • Planner

    • Added in the print preview a text area that is printed on the drawing as a addional text.
    • In the print preview added a ‘Copy to clipboard’ function to the toolbar. With this function you can copy the current view in the clipboard and insert it in other application, maybe in a office application where you can create a lifting documentation.
    • In the 3D view you can now select also the Front, Left side, Top and the 4 views.
    • Added to the project information mobile and email input.
    • Support rounded outrigger pads.
    • Fill color support for 3D elements, only visible in the 3D view .


  • Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where the application crashes when drawing a polyline.
  • In the print portrait view fix the position for the telescope chart number.
  • Fixes a bug where the printed charts not display all rows.
  • Fix a bug when moving the view with a terrain.
  • Fix a path bug where the wrong path was used for the kranXpert logo and crane images.
  • Fixed a printing bug where you only can print two pages. (

kranXpert pre release is out

If you don’t know how to install the pre release please read this Blog post

What is new in the version:

– Added Japanese language translation (thanks to Tadano Japan for that help)

– Fill color support for 3D elements, but only visible in the 3D view

– Add new selection filter to the ‘Install/Upgrade’ function
All = show all cranes available cranes
Not Installed = show only cranes that are not installed
Installed = show all installed cranes
Upgrade = show all cranes where a upgrade exists

– Add round outrigger pads support

– Add search for the object selection and the object overview

– In the options window added default font size

– Add project input text box mobile and email

– In the print preview you can now add additional text information to the planner and a new toolbar button ‘Copy to clipboard’

Version is in the wild since a week

Is the upgrade period to long and you can’t wait to get always the newest features/bug fixes?

No problem, in the new version i add a new update feature to get not only the latest public version also include updates for pre release versions.

Per default the feature is disabled, to activate it select in the main menu ‘Options’ then ‘Options’


click on the ‘Misc’ button and here you find the checkbox to include pre release version.


Next update ‘text drawing’ font size

imageYou know when you select the text drawing tool you can place text to the planning.

This text has in the version 1.6 a fixed size also when you zoom, so it could happen that when you zoom that the text is overlap with other text or drawing elements.

image  image

Some kranXpert users ask us to make the font size changeable. With changeable fonts size you running more and more in this overlap problem so the only way to fix that is that the font size is a unit size and not a screen size then the text is zooming with the view.

image  image

Text height is 5 meters for the ‘Big text’ and for ‘some text’ it is 1.4 meters

image   image

kranXpert Version

A new kranXpert version is available.

Here are the main changes:

In the ‘Object overview’ (main menu ‘Options’) you can create cranes or lorry’s and edit objects or create export files of your new objects. We remove the fleet overview and replace it with the favorite list that you can manage in the Object overview.

For your hint:
– Objects with book symbol are not editable.



imageTo know, how you can build lorry’s, you can import some samples over the ‘Install/Upgrade’ button, the lorry’s are at the bottom of the list.

imageThe tool Extras are now HTML based, that’s mean you can change the content of these files with your own information’s.

The HTML files are installed in the kranXpert.exe executable folder as a subfolder extras then the language folder de=Germany, en=English, es=Español. You can add new menus to the menu.htm and that shows in all pages as an iframe tag.